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Learning To Play

And Our Approach To Teaching

Every child is different. Depending on their age, their ability and their interest in music, this can play a part on how quickly they develop their skills. Through the fun learning lessons that we plan with them, together we discover what musical tastes they have and choose some songs that they would like to  learn.

Even if your child has never held a guitar before.......we can teach your child everything they need to know and help them develop their skills until they are ready to take it to the stage as a professional musician. 


(Even playing the guitar over your head!)

Things your child will learn:

  • How to tune a guitar

  •  Identify all the parts of a guitar and names of strings

  • Play open and barre chords

  • Play simple and more complex rhythms

  •  Finger exercises - (to improve technique and speed)

  •  Learn the scales - (So you can break into a guitar solo in the middle of a song like a RockStar!)

  • AND of course......Learn to play lots of songs! They can choose which song they would like to learn and I can also suggest some that are easy to start with.

Your child will also learn some music theory too such as learning how to read music, recognising and identifying the notes on a stave and their time values. 

Having a basic knowledge of music theory will give your child a massive advantage for when they start learning this in school - or support them whilst they are already.


If in the future your child ever chooses to learn a another instrument this will help and enable them to explore the possibilities. 

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