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Our Teachers

Harriet Travis

Guitar Teacher

Harriet Travis is the founder and CEO of Play Guitar Brighton. She has taught guitar for 9 years now, and has over 21 years playing experience.


Before teaching guitar Harriet worked with children for over 10 years in a nursery school and more recently, worked with and looked after children in residential care.


During her time with these children she would involve music on a day to day basis, including playing songs to the children and/or getting them involved with learning to play too.

Harriet got a scholarship and Sponsorship offered by SONY/BMG to study music at Brighton Institute of Modern Music (BIMM). She completeled 2 years and achieved a Level 5 Higher Diploma in Song-writing. 

She set up Play Guitar Brighton to combine her 2 passions - music and teaching. Since 2016 when PGB was founded, it has continued to grow, and with a fully booked schedule it was time for Play Guitar Brighton to expand and to take on more amazing teachers.

Matt Cowan

Guitar Teacher

Bella Kardasis

Guitar Teacher


Bella Kardasis is an acoustic artist based in Worthing.

Kardasis has a unique style, using two hands which dance across the fretboard, she creates stories from rhythm and mesmerising technique.


After graduating from the university of Chichester with a BA (Hons) in music and performance, she is inspired by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Thomas Leeb, Rodrigo y Gabriella and animated soundtrack.

Bella's focus on texture and storytelling led to re-learning the guitar to incorporate finger-style technique and percussive elements.

Bella has recently begun teaching guitar to children over this past year. She also has great experience teaching swimming to children, helping them to gain confidence and to push themselves to achieve their goals.

Ollie Foreman

Drum Teacher

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Matt Cowan

In Matt's own words......


"I have always loved music and played guitar since early childhood. Thanks to the influence of my Mum, I fell in love with rock and roll and am a rocker through and through.


I played in several bands as a teenager and into my 20’s in genres ranging from rock-a-billy to punk. I particularly like soloing and am currently lead guitarist for West Sussex punk rock band No Ambition, playing pubs and beer festivals.


From my live performances, people started asking me to teach their kids which I really enjoy. My aim is to build students confidence, get them up and playing and having fun whilst also sharing some knowledge of the skills and theories that underpin good guitar playing.


I am happy teaching acoustic but specialise in electric guitar, teaching open, power and barre chords, rock and blues licks and basic scales for soloing."

Ollie Foreman graduated from BIMM with a degree in Professional Musicianship, specializing in drums, He has been teaching drums for over 10 years and has over 15 years experience playing drums, including playing all around the country and also in many other cities around Europe

Ollie owns Monster Studios which is a music studio located in Hove near the Lagoon. Ollie usually teaches from his studio and has all the equipment needed for the drum lessons, so all you need to bring along for your lesson are your drum sticks and yourself! He can teach in your homes if you have your own drum kit and live locally to Brighton and Hove or the surrounding suburbs.

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