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Hello there! My name is Harriet Travis and I am the founder and CEO of Play Guitar Brighton. I have been teaching guitar since 2010, and have over twenty-three years of performance experience.


Over the course of my career, I have worked with children in many capacities. I worked for over ten years in a nursery school and after that, working with and looking after children in residential care. During my time in the care home I would incorporate music into our daily routine, be it playing songs to the children or getting them involved with learning to play too.


I’ve spent the last six years growing Play Guitar Brighton, so that I can follow my dreams of combining my two biggest passions - music and teaching!


During this time I’ve worked with students of all ages - from toddlers all the way up to the young at heart. I teach students with various different abilities, which we can always work around. Our students with different abilities tell me they get much enjoyment and build self esteem from our sessions.


I believe that patience, a positive attitude and plenty of practice between lessons will help improve you or your child's guitar skills and allow them to develop far quicker.


So if you or your child would like to learn guitar then please get in touch!


Many thanks


Harriet Travis

A Little About Me...

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